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Juanell Teague
Juanell Teague
Juanell Teague

Speaker's Building Blocks

  • Speaker Assessment 

    An X-Ray of Who You Are to Guide You to Where You Want to Go
    Would you like to find out where you are at the starting gate? The assessment tool uses a series of questions to dig deep into your past to uncover where youíve been that has created who you are, and what you have to offer with your speaking career. It will provide clarity, focus, and build a knowledge base that will remove the mystery of speaking and increase your self-confidence.

  • Research Marketing™ 

    How to Find Your Unique Niche in the Marketplace
    Where is your point of entry into the marketplace where they will pay you? Knowing your natural entry point closes the gap and will maximize existing momentum and find the right starting place for your speaking career. It will expose problems from their point that your unique message (or topics) can solve. This process builds on your passion, creates excitement in your voice, and increases your confidence.

  • Building on Speaker's DNA™ 

    A Manual to Guide You to Reveal Your Speaker Brilliance
    You bought something with you life. Would you like to know what you bought and what the value is? Just as you have a human DNA, you have a speaker DNA that no one else in the world has but you. Dropping the speakerís DNA into what would otherwise be a common message is what sets it apart, and defines your true value and what others will pay you to hear. The natural theory of the theme of your message and the beginning of identifying the brand is uncovered.

  • Focus Group Feedback™ 

    Cut Your Learning Curve 2-3 Years
    Would you like to know how audiences are going to receive your message from the get go? Using champions and focus groups for feedback reveals audience perceptions that would take 2-3 years to figure out on your own. Feedback brings fresh eyes to ensure your solutions are relevant to todayís industry problems, and that you have used the best language to define your message.

  • The Door Opening Speech™ 

    Stating the problem and the solution in a way that you are hired!
    Are you tired of leaving money on the table? A Door Opening Speech organizes your speech in such a way that the audience realizes you are the solution. With return on investment becoming such an important issue with investors, your role in providing business solutions opens the door to long-term relationships. Your message intentionally ties down all key components of the speech and establishes you as a credible expert.

  • First Impression Speaker Website 

    to Use Electronic Marketing to the Best Advantage
    Do you want your client leads blown away at he first visual impact? To succeed as a speaker you must have a speakerís website that links to social media and features your logo brand. This will focus consistently on your credibility, your topics and why you have the right to speak on them. A website is patterned in such a way viewers understand from first impression. You create an energetic and motivating visual of why they should hire you.

  • Part 1: Assessment Selling™ 

    Revealing Problems Clients Will Pay You to Solve
    Do you want to blow away the competition with unique selling processes? Intentionally uncovering previously concealed facts from their point of view through a 2-way trust-based probing process. The purge, using customized questions, exposes major issues that block organizations from moving forward to the next level. Together you will find what they will pay you for.

    Part 2: Point-of-Entry Proposal™ 

    Taking the Guess Work Out of Proposal Writing
    You provide your solutions to their problems based on the data obtained through the assessment process. The proposal becomes an x-ray of their organizationís needs; providing clarity to their identified problems. The process enables you to marry your solutions to their needs in a systematic method that finds the point of entry at a price they will pay.

  • Speaker Marketing Plan & Vision 

    A Daily Guide to Keep You on Track
    Do you want a strategy to propel your speaking career? A high-level calendar of marketing activities and strategies to keep you in front of the client. Marries your vision to a strategic plan of tactics and processes to keep you moving forward in a systematic approach to grow your speaker business. A plan to help you identify where you are and position you to reach where you want to go.

  • Step-By-Step Marketing™ 

    Customized Manual for Selling a Speaker
    Do you know exactly what to say during each marketing encounter? A proven step-by-step process to provide a dialogue for every marketing challenge. By customizing everything you say and do, you eliminate the need to develop a new script for each contact. Makes you consistent with incredible follow-up. Stops the road blocks of disorganization and overwhelm.

  • 22 Speaker Models™ 

    Understanding the Business Models Supporting Who You Are
    Do you know how to align your core values with your business models? Remove the mystery of selecting the right business models for your speaking business. Choosing the right building blocks out of the starting gate can propel your speaker business onto the right track. Builds a grounded foundation with an economic engine that drives the bottom line of your speaker business. Maximizes your long term ROI.

  • Speaker Marketing Staff 

    Recruiting & Training an Effective Team
    Has doing everything yourself sabotaged your career? Helps you determine when it is time to hire. Clearly defines requirements for the speaker marketing assistant. Provides hands-on effective training through a custom-designed manual of marketing scripts. Provides the steps necessary to ensure marketing staff effectiveness, through review of results vs. goals, and real-time actions to increase performance outcomes.

  • Speaker Training 

    Enhancing Your Stage Presence
    Do you create an experience when you speak? Failure to connect to your audience impacts keynote success. Regardless of what else you sell, your main product as a speaker is your platform performance. It is your ability to deliver the message content in a memorable way, while connecting emotionally and engaging the audience through non-verbal actions.

Juanell Teague